An invitation to the Annual Parish Meeting- 18th May 2021

Each Town or Parish in England holds a yearly Parish Meeting which is open for all electors within the Parish to attend. The history of the meeting originates back to the times in the Middle Ages when Local Councils did not exist and there were fewer ways for a community to share ideas.

The meeting is an opportunity for all electors to come together to share views, news and celebrations relating to the local Parish in which they live. Anyone may attend and all who do so have a right to speak for a limited time on any matter of local interest.

Minutes will be kept from the meeting and if there are matters raised for the Council’s attention they can be included in future Council meeting agenda’s for consideration. It is an additional opportunity to ensure Local Councillors may be alerted and informed about local views. 

Everyone in Staveley is invited to attend the meeting. If you are involved in a local group/organisation that benefits the community you are invited to share a short report about your activities. Or if you are an individual passionate about the village and local area, you may want to voice positive ideas  that may help the Council to improve it still more. 

Please contact Liz at to indicate if you will attend and with any  details of comments or reports you want to have included on the meeting agenda.

The meeting is being planned in line with Covid Secure requirements. Details of venue will be confirmed on the website after 11th May.

All items to include on the agenda must be shared by 7th May 2021 please

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