Notice of Councillor Vacancy

The Parish Council has a vacancy for a new Councillor.  The formal Notice of Vacancy can be seen here.

If you would be interested in knowing more about the work of the Parish Council or in standing for the vacant seat, please contact the Council by:

  • using the Contact Us page on our website, or
  • contacting one of the existing Councillors.  Contact details for all Councillors are available here.

Please let us know if you would like to stand BEFORE 4th August 2020 so that, if there is more than one candidate, we can request an election for the vacant seat. 

Note that in accordance with the Local Government and Police and Crime Commissioner (Coronavirus) (Postponement of Elections and Referendums) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020 an election will not be held to fill the vacancy until 6th May 2021.

Further information about the criteria for eligibility and the role of a Parish Councillor is available on or via our website here.