Development of a plan to be used as a statutory document when planning decisions are made by the Local Planning Authority.

The Parish Council has four large crates of paper documents and several hundred digital documents that have accumulated over the years. These document collections require weeding, sorting and filing according to an agreed Retention and Storage Policy.

Ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with regard to personal data managed by the Parish Council. Preparation of notices and policy documents as recommended by our Data Protection Officer (DPO), the Local Council Public Advisory Service (LCPAS).

Maintenance of the play area and compliance with insurance requirements.

Recording of incidents on each road into and out of the settlements in order to generate a Community Speed Watch (CSW) event.

Establishing a framework to enable the production of digital maps for any part of the parish. This will include freely available map layers of our area, aerial photographs and suitable software to enable custom layers to be built as needed.

Designing, building and maintaining the Parish Council website.

Websites are continually evolving. New ideas, updates, corrections and changing requirements mean that there is always a list of tasks to do. The following is a list of currently known changes and additions to this site awaiting attention! We’ll get to them …