Staveley Nature Reserve Restrictions

The round hide overlooking the West Lagoon

The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust (YWT) has taken the decision to close or restrict access to all nature reserves and visitor centres for the rest of March and all of April 2020 in line with the latest government announcement about Coronavirus . This is in order to play their part in minimising social contact in the community, while also endeavouring to ensure minimal disturbance to wild places and wildlife – especially as the important time approaches for breeding and flowering. Further information on the decision is available from the YWT Chief Executive here .

Within the Staveley Nature Reserve this means:

  • there is restricted access, rather than full closure as this is not practicable,
  • all pedestrian gates not on a public right of way are locked,
  • all public right of ways remain open,
  • the round hide on the west lagoon is closed and locked, all other hides remain open,
  • the car park gate on Minskip Road is closed and locked, to deter entry,
  • the gate to the track by All Saint’s Church remains accessible with a RADAR key,
  • further up the track, the gate where the track enters the reserve is closed but not locked.

The restrictions will be reviewed at the end of April 2020. Some YWT staff and volunteers will be regularly visiting the reserve to carry out essential tasks, such as livestock checks*, public safety works, or dealing with emergency or security issues.

* This work has been deemed essential due to the The Welfare of Farmed Animals (England) Regulations 2000 (S.I. 2000 No. 1870) Schedule 1, paragraph 2, which requires that: – Animals kept in systems other than husbandry systems in which their welfare depends on frequent human attention shall be inspected at intervals sufficient to avoid any suffering.

You can see a map of the public footpaths through the reserve and a map of the permissive paths on our Public Rights of Way page.

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