Community First Responders

The Community First Responders (CFR) for Staveley & Copgrove are:

Carol Hammond01423
Derek Hammond01423 340530staveleycfr@gmail.comCoordinator
Staveley -NCR 102

The CFR scheme is a life-saving partnership between Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust (YAS) and local communities. CFRs are volunteers who are trained, equipped and deployed by YAS to provide initial care for patients with life threatening medical emergencies within 3-5 miles of a post code.  They carry a YAS mobile phone, defibrillator, oxygen and some supporting kit.

The CFRs book on when they are available. They are deployed by YAS and must be called out through the 999 system. If a CFR is not booked on, they will not be contacted by YAS. The scheme is always looking for more volunteers. Contact one of the local CFRs above or follow the link further down this page to find out more about joining the CFR scheme.

Staveley village also has a defibrillator which is owned and managed by the Parish Council and is available for public use. The unit is housed in the phone box, opposite the bus stop on the village green east on Main Street. More information about the phone box and defribrillator unit are available here.

The unit is an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), an emergency life-saving device that can be used by anyone to help restart the heart when sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) strikes. The device is fully portable and gives the heart an electrical charge to establish a regular heartbeat. The AED will only shock when necessary. Further information about how to use the device is available here .

The public defibrillator can be deployed in two ways. Both require a 999 call to YAS for a patient with a cardiac arrest of similar symptoms.

If you are currently with a patient, the YAS will ask you to send someone to collect the defibrillator from the phone box and will give you the access code to open the cabinet and retrieve the unit. If you are at the phone box, there is a reference number on the cabinet door. This identifies the unit to the YAS.  Give this number to the YAS plus details of the patient and the YAS will give you the access code for the cabinet.

The CFR Coordinatior listed above is the custodian of the Staveley public defibrillator. They will be notified when it is used and will return the unit to service after use.

More information about the CFR scheme in Yorkshire ia available here .