Planning Enforcements

The Local Planning Authority

The Local Planning Authority (LPA) for the Staveley & Copgrove parish is Harrogate Borough Council (HBC). LPAs have responsibility for taking whatever enforcement action may be necessary, in the public interest, in their administrative areas with regard to breaches of planning control.

Planning Breach

A breach of planning control is defined in section 171A of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 as:

  • the carrying out of development without the required planning permission; or
  • failing to comply with any condition or limitation subject to which planning permission has been granted.

The Parish Council has no statutory responsibility in this matter but is able, as is any individual resident, to bring perceived breaches of planning control to the attention of the LPA. The LPA will investigate and decide whether a breach has occurred and if necessary, carry out enforcement.

Pending Enforcements

The map below shows the location of enforcement cases that have been raised with the LPA for our parish that are awaiting a decision. Select a map marker to see the enforcement case summary in a popup window.

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Pending Enforcements
More Details

The table below lists all the enforcement cases that have recently been raised with the LPA that are within the two parishes of Staveley and Copgrove.

How do I use the Planning Enforcements list?

Select the LPA Reference ID link to see the notification letter from the LPA.

Hover over or tap Detail to display the alleged breach details in a bubble.

Select the + icon at the start of the row to display any additional (currently hidden) columns. The number of columns not initially displayed is determined by the screen size of the device being used to view the page.  Select the - icon to hide any additional columns again.

How do I navigate the list?

The List Length

The planning enforcements list is initially displayed with the first 10 entries. The Show Entries drop-down selection box above the list may be used to show more (or less) entries. The number of entries currently shown and the total number of entries in the list is displayed below the list.


The Previous and Next buttons below the list may be used to navigate between the list pages if not all the entries are shown.


The enforcements are listed in descending Date order, i.e. most recent first. The list order cannot be reversed.


The Search box above the list may be used to find any enforcement in the list. All list columns are included in the search. The search results, i.e. those enforcements that match the search criteria entered, are displayed as the search criteria are entered.

Remove all text from the Search box to display all the list enforcements again.

Note searching affects all the enforcements in the full list, not just those that may be currently visible.

Alleged BreachAddressLPA
Reference ID
Installation of gateWest View Barn Bedlam Lane Staveley North Yorkshire20/00434/PR155th October 2020Awaiting Decision
Installation of gateEast View Barn Bedlam Lane Staveley North Yorkshire20/00435/PR155th October 2020Awaiting Decision
Use of residential dwelling as business.Galway House 3 St Mongahs Court Copgrove Harrogate North
Yorkshire HG3 3TY
20/00447/PR1518th September 2020Awaiting decision
DetailAbacus Direct Ltd
5 Jubilee Court
Wath Lane
19/00675/PR1528th November 201920th December 2019: This case and another case are still under investigation. The case officer will pick both these cases up in the New Year. He is aware there is a complex history at the site.
DetailBarley Court
Arkendale Road
19/00628/BRPC1530th October 2019Awaiting Decision
DetailLand Comprising Staveley Nature Reserve, Staveley19/00503/BRPC152nd September 2019No planning permission required.
DetailLand Comprising Field At 436781 462451 Arkendale Road
19/00429/PR1530th July 201919th August 2019: No breach of planning control. Lowering of land levels is only temporary at the current stage of development and these will be restored to a similar level once complete.
DetailLand Comprising Field At 436781 462451
Arkendale Road
19/00400/BRPC1517th July 2019Awaiting Decision
DetailOrchard Corner
Arkendale Road
19/00373/PR154th July 201916th October 2019: The owner intends to submit a retrospective application seeking to gain consent for the gates and gateposts as built.
Detail1 Jubilee Court
Wath Lane
18/00359/BRPC1511th July 2017Not Known
DetailAll Saints Church
Main Street
17/00350/TREES7th July 2017Not Known
DetailLand Adjacent The Bungalow
Jubilee Court
Wath Lane
17/00017/PR1513th January 2017Not Known
Potential non-compliance with approved plans- breach of
condition 2 (19/02749/FULMAJ)
Suite 1 Abacus House Jubilee Court Wath Lane Copgrove
Harrogate North Yorkshire HG3 3TB
20/00489/BRPC1522nd October 2020Awaiting decision

Further Information

Further information on the enforcement process is available from the Government website here .

You can complete our online form to report unauthorised development to HBC and ask them to investigate here .

The current HBC Enforcement Notice register is availble to view here .