Staveley Nature Reserve Liaison Group

View over the East Lagoon towards Carr Top Farm

The Reserve

Staveley Nature Reserve (SNR) occupies approximately 200 acres (80 ha) to the north of the Staveley parish, about 14% of its area. The site is owned and managed by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust (YWT), who acquired part of the site in 2002 and the remainder in 2010. The site was previously used for gravel extraction with some of the land leased for farming.

The Parish Council was supportive of the acquisition and development of the site by the YWT following a resident survey. There were however concerns within the village about the effects of developing the site and in 2011 a working group was set up following a village meeting, to aid consultation with regards to the planning application for the nature reserve and also form the basis of a long-term link with the village.

The Group

The working group comprised residents and representatives of the YWT and has continued to meet on a regular basis since 2011. In March 2012 the working group became known as the Staveley Nature Reserve Liaison Group (SNR-LG). Although reporting to the Parish Council and having a Parish Council representative on the group, the SNR-LG is an independent body.

The following Terms of Reference were initially established for the SNR-LG:

1The committee must have a Parish Councillor as a full member
2Any meetings of the committee shall be fully minuted and those minutes shall be publicly available
3Membership of the committee shall be subject to the same Conflict of Interest requirements as the PC
4Be informed of the plans of Yorkshire Wildlife Trust (YWT) with respect to Staveley Nature Reserve (SNR)
5Inform YWT of events taking place in the village that may impact YWT
6Be cognisant of the views of the village and feed views and concerns back to YWT aiming to resolve issues, as far as possible, amicably between YWT and the parish
7The PC shall not instruct the SNR Sub Committee as to its discussions
8SNR Sub Committee shall make suggestions to the PC regarding Staveley Nature Reserve
9Report back to the Parish Council at each Parish Council meeting.
These terms were set by the Parish Council at its meeting on 26th July 2012

A standard agenda was also established for each meeting. Since 2016, the SNR-LG has continued to meet three times per year, rather than the original four.

Group Membership

The SNR-LG currently has the following members:

Dorothy GriffinChair
Margaret StringerMinutes
Laura HarmanYWT Representative
Ken BarkerResident
Pam CoathamResident
Neil HortonResident
Helen NorthParish Council Representative
John ThorntonResident
The round hide overlooking the West Lagoon

Group Meetings

Upcoming meetings of the SNR-LG are:

There are no upcoming events.

Meeting Minutes

The minutes of the SNR-LG may be viewed below and in the Document Library.

SNR-LG Meeting Minutes Documents

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256Minutes July 2018Portable Document Format21Kb
255Minutes March 2018
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254Minutes November 2017Portable Document Format46Kb
253Minutes July 2017Portable Document Format90Kb
252Minutes March 2017Portable Document Format66Kb
251Minutes November 2016Portable Document Format67Kb
250Minutes July 2016Portable Document Format49Kb
249Minutes March 2016Portable Document Format51Kb
248Minutes November 2015Portable Document Format50Kb
247Minutes July 2015Portable Document Format47Kb
246Minutes April 2015Portable Document Format51Kb
245Minutes January 2015Portable Document Format83Kb
244Minutes November 2014Portable Document Format85Kb
243Minutes July 2014Portable Document Format89Kb
242Minutes April 2014Portable Document Format87Kb
241Minutes January 2014Portable Document Format21Kb
240Minutes November 2013Portable Document Format85Kb
239Minutes July 2013Portable Document Format82Kb
238Minutes April 2013Portable Document Format56Kb
237Minutes January 2013Portable Document Format57Kb
236Minutes October 2012Portable Document Format65Kb
235Minutes July 2012Portable Document Format68Kb
234Minutes March 2012Portable Document Format106Kb
233Minutes June 2011Portable Document Format64Kb
232Minutes June 2011Portable Document Format60Kb
231Minutes May 2011Portable Document Format76Kb
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Other documents concerning the Parish relationship with the SNR are also available in the Document Library.

The round hide from the west side of the West Lagoon (with inquisitive grasscutter)