Public Transport


Staveley is currently served by two bus routes:

Copgrove is currently served by one bus route:

Neither service is commercially viable and both are subsidised by North Yorkshire County Council.

Bus Stops

The map below shows the bus stops in the parish. Click/tap a marker to see the bus stop number and which service stops at the stop in a popup window.

How do I use the map?

This map is interactive. You can move and re-scale it using the various controls within the viewport.

Click/tap the map and drag to move the map around within the viewport as required.

Zoom in and out using the +- controls in the top left, pinch in/out or roll the mouse wheel when pointing within the map area.

Click/tap a marker, line or shape for further information in a popup window.

Select the four corners icon in the top left to expand the map to full screen.

Select the tiles icon in the top right to select a different base map. There are a number of options available.

Select the target icon in the bottom right to locate yourself with a marker. This feature will only work if your device has a GPS service and that service is active.

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Bus Stops


The last passenger train to run on the North East Railway (NER) Knaresborough to Pilmoor line was on 25th September 1950. The line closed to goods trains on 5th October 1964.

When the line was open, the parish had a station just outside Staveley at Moor End, opened in 1875 and named Copgrove Station to avoid confusion with other Staveley stations.

Today, the nearest railway station is Knaresborough on the Harrogate to York line, currently operated by Northern Rail. Details of services to and from Knaresborough are available here .