Jubilee Recreation Field Re-opens

Children’s Playground

Further to the Government’s COVID-19: Guidance for managing playgrounds, issued on 26th June 2020 and in line with our principal authority Harrogate Borough Council, we have re-opened Jubilee Recreation Field and the childrens play area from July 4th 2020.

As required by the above guidance, we have:

  • carried out a site inspection, which is available here,
  • carried out remedial works as identified in the inspection report,
  • carried out a Corvid-19 risk assessment, which is available here,
  • prepared and erected signage on the site, which can be seen here.

For your own safety we ask that you please observe the following when visiting the play area:

  • Play equipment restricted to Under 14 years only,
  • 1 family member to accompany 1 child,
  • To enable as many children to use the play equipment, please limit play to 1 hour if busy,
  • Maintain at least 2m distance from other users – e.g. pushing swings,
  • Sanitise your hands before, during and after using the play area, especially after touching play equipment and the access gates,
  • When using the equipment do not touch your face,
  • Wash your hands thoroughly when you get home,
  • Consumption of food and drink within the play area is not permitted,
  • Please use bins provided or take your litter home.

Whilst all possible practical measures have been put in place, the user of this equipment does so at their own choice. The government public health guidelines are a considerable challenge to small Parish Councils like us and it is not feasible for us to provide the following:

  • Provision of Stewards,
  • Arrange a booking system,
  • Relocate equipment for social distancing,
  • Clean equipment daily,
  • Provide cleaning equipment,
  • Create entrance and exits routes.

Please be patient and kind – we all deserve to play safely

Covid-19 Community Response Update

Please find below some updates and information that Harrogate Borough Council (HBC) would like to share with you.

There will be lots of changes over the next few weeks as restrictions are eased and we continue to plan for how we will support those who are the most vulnerable within our communities. We are developing a community recovery plan and would welcome your insights into what you think the key issues are for the residents living within your area so that these concerns can be considered as part of the recovery process.

What do you think are the key issues for residents in your community? Please complete this short survey and submit by 10th July 2020.

Continue reading “Covid-19 Community Response Update”

Need a Face Covering to go on the Bus or Train?

Fabric Face Coverings

On 4th June 2020 the Transport Secretary announced that face coverings will be required while using public transport in England from Monday 15th June 2020. Staveley resident Yvonne Crawford is making suitable coverings available free. They are cotton fabric, washable at 60o, double layer, tie on, and one-size-fits-all.

The face coverings are available in lots of colours from Yvonne at:
Beechcroft (opposite the bus stop),
Minskip Road
Tel: 01423 340349

Face coverings are not the same as face masks. It is important that people do not use medical grade PPE masks to ensure these remain available for frontline staff. Last month, the government set out advice for people on how to make their own face coverings easily at home, using scarves or other textile items. These face coverings should cover the mouth and nose while allowing the wearer to breathe comfortably and can be as simple as a scarf or bandana that ties behind the head to give a snug fit.

Have you helped a neighbour during the Covid-19 pandemic?

North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) are asking North Yorkshire residents to complete a short survey to help them understand how people have been supporting others where they live, and whether they feel that coronavirus has helped bring communities together.

Staveley has been operating a buddy scheme since the start of the isolation restrictions, with many residents offering to help their neighbours. If you would like to take part in the survey, you can do so at here. It should take just a few minutes to complete.

Plants and Vegetable Sale

Ken Barker organised a Plant Sale with a difference on Saturday 30th May 2020, which was very well supported by Staveley residents.

Most of the plants were grown from seed which Ken had bought himself, plus plant donations from others in the village. This excellent effort by Ken and his helpers raised over £400 for NHS charities and will be donated to Harrogate District Hospital via their just giving page.

Ken wishes to thank everyone who helped at the plant sale, those who contributed and those who purchased the vegetable and ornamental plants. The next phase of helping the village will consist of Ken acquiring more plants and seeking donations of produce so that help can be given to the Church and the village hall. These will all be made available from the stall in front of the village hall.

Signs on Bedlam Lane – Update

Following a request by the Public Rights of Way Officer at North Yorkshire County Council, the signs at either end of the unsurfaced section of Bedlam Lane (U8086/9/50) have now been removed by the landowner.

Bedlam Lane West End June 2nd 2020
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Bedlam Lane Unsurfaced Section April 2020

The woodland adjoining this section of lane to the south is private land however, and the signs have been moved to the entrance to the woodland.

The signs in the field that links footpath 15.124/8/1 to Bedlam Lane remain as this informal path is not a public right of way.

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Bedlam Lane to Footpath Shortcut

North Yorkshire Connect Community Directory

North Yorkshire Connect Community Directory (NY Connect) is an online resource for people of all ages, helping them to find out about local activities, services, advice and guidance that is relevant, reliable and accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week. NY Connect is available here.

The directory has around 7000 entries that people looking for local services and support can search either by keywords, postcode, area, or by using the category menu. Changes have been made to the community directory so that it can also be used by residents looking for support services during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

Household Waste Recycling Centres

North Yorkshire County Council have opened more of their household waste recycling centres (HWRCs) recently. The HWRC at Dallamires Lane is Ripon is the latest to open.  The site at Penny Pot Lane in Harrogate has been open for several weeks but the HWRC off Wetherby Road in Harrogate is still closed.

You can visit the two open sites from 8.30am to 5pm every day of the week (including bank holidays).

For more information, visit the North Yorkshire County Council website.

Citizens Advice Craven & Harrogate Districts

A quick reminder that Citizens Advice Craven & Harrogate Districts (CACHD) is up and running and able to provide help and support to everyone who needs it. Although they have had to close their face to face interviews for now, their staff and volunteers are working from home providing help and support over the phone and by email to almost as many people as they did before lockdown. Their services now are: