Document Library

What is the Document Library?

The Document Library (DL) is a portal through which a wide range of Parish Council documents can be accessed. The documents are stored in a number of locations and the DL enables them to be accessed from a single point.

Parish Council documents are stored:

1. directly on this website,
2. on the Parish Council's shared file store (Google Drive).

The general rule as to where a document is stored depends on the potential for the content to change. Documents that will never change are stored in the archive, which is directly on this web site. These documents are converted to Portable Document Format (PDF) prior to storing. They may be viewed using any PDF reader and/or downloaded if required.

Documents that will or could be subject to revision are considered live and are stored on the Council's Google Drive in their source format so that they can be edited as required. These files are in the Google office formats: docs, sheets and slides. They may be edited at any time by Council members and staff, so to ensure that the current version of a file is always available through the DL, these files are linked from the DL to the Google Drive. They may be viewed in read only mode and downloaded in a range of formats.

Documents that are not subject to change but do not transfer well to paginated format, e.g. spreadsheets, are retained in their original format for easier viewing. These documents are stored on the Council's Google Drive and linked to the DL.

When will the Library be fully stocked?

The present Council has inherited a large collection of paper and digital files which require sorting, weeding and categorising prior to entry into the Document Library.  This task will take several weeks/months to complete. Documents will be added to the library as they are processed.

To aid the process, the Council has adopted a Document Disposal and Retention/Storage Policy

How do I use the Library?

Select the required Category from the list below. A list of all the documents in the selected Category will then be displayed.

Select the required Document from the list by its Name. The selected document will be displayed in a new window.

Further instructions on how to navigate the documents are available when the documents for a selected Category are listed.

How do I download a document?

This will depend upon the device (laptop, tablet, smartphone etc.), the application (web browser etc.) that you are using to view the website and the file type of the selected document.

Some devices will automatically download a document before displaying it using a file reader installed on the device. Some web browsers will prompt for a download when the document is selected whilst others will open the document using a built-in file reader. You will need to explore the options of your device and web browser.

Documents that are stored on the Parish Council Google Drive will be displayed using the respective Google Docs, Sheets or Slides application. You may download these documents from the File - Download As menu option of the Google application, where there are a number of download formats.

To list all the documents in the required category, select the Category Name.

Category NameDocuments
Annual Accounts2
Annual Expenditure10
Annual Income9
Annual Returns10
Archived Accounts3
Budgets & Forecasts2
Contracts & Agreements1
Development Proposals3
Finance Sub Committee Meeting Agenda4
Finance Sub Committee Meeting Minutes2
Freedom of Information2
Full Council Meeting Agenda51
Full Council Meeting Minutes66
General Data Protection Regulation15
Insurance Policies10
Jubilee Recreation Field4
Letters - Miscellaneous Topics5
Neighbourhood Plan26
Parish Clerk4
Parish Profile1
Planning Application Responses11
Play Area Inspections21
Policies, Codes & Orders21
Precept Applications9
Reports To Council & Committees17
SNR-Liaison Group Meeting Minutes30
Staveley Nature Reserve4
The LINK Magazine9
Title Deeds3
Traffic Management11
Trees & TPOs10
Total Documents376