Website Features

This website has been built using the WordPress framework and the default theme Twenty Seventeen. The site is hosted by A2 Hosting . The core WordPress framework has been extended using the following plugins:

1AccordionsExpandable lists used for FAQs and other information about how to use the website.
2AJAX Login and Registration modal popupReplaces the default login/register/forgotton password screens with a modal popup. Enables customisation of signup emails.
3Akismet anti-spamChecks comments and contact form submissions against a global database of spam to prevent site from publishing malicious content.
4All in One WP MigrationMigration tool for all blog data. Import or Export blog content with a single click.
5Archived Post StatusEnables posts (News Page) to be removed from live list by changing status to Archived.
6Asgaros ForumProvides forum finctionality. Integrates with users and roles.
7Block GalleryDisplays photos in a carousel.
8Contact Form 7Used to build forms for data entry. Main use is the Contact Us form.
9Cookie ConsentDisplays the cookie message bar at the foot of the screen on first visit or after cookies deletion.
10Count Per DayMaintains the site visit counters and displays the counts at the foot of each page.
11Custom Meta WidgetUsed to customise the sidebar displayed on the News page.
12Easy Table of ContentsAdds a fully automatic way to create and display a table of contents generated from the page content.
13Email Address EncodeProtects email addresses from email-harvesting robots by encoding them into decimal and hexadecimal entities.
14EmbedPressWordPress supports around 35 embed sources, but PublishPress Embeds adds over 40 more.
15Eonet Project ManagerEnables projects and tasks to be maintained and displayed.
16FlamingoMaintains a log of messages sent to the website from any of the Contact 7 forms. Enables export of the log to a csv file
17Inline Google Spreadsheet ViewerRetrieves data from a Google Spreadsheet and displays it as an HTML table.
18Max Mega MenuAutomatically convert existing menu or menus into a mega menu.
19Nav Menu RolesEnables menu items to be role specific i.e. hidden from users with a lower role.
20Popup MakerDisplays modal popups on demand. Used to display further details of selected items such as assets and Councillors.
21Post SnippetsEnables blocks of text to be reused throughout the site. Mainly used for tooltips.
22PostieEnables posts to the News page to be sent in by email. Converts the email into a post. The Parish Council has a dedicated email address for this purpose.
23SendPress NewslettersManages subscribers, maintenance of newsletters and the emailing of newsletters to subscribers. Enables read and click-through analysis of sent emails.
24Simple Custom CSSEnables additional CSS styling when required.
25Simple TooltipsEnhances tooltips (displayed on mouse hover) by setting background and text colours.
26Stop SpammersStop spam emails, spam comments, spam registration, and spam bots in general.
27TablePressManages the maintenance of tables and their use throughout the website. This list is an example of a TablePress table.
28UpdraftPlusEnables backup and restore of the website and its content. Backup files stored on the PC Google Drive.
29User Spam RemoverAutomatically removes spam user registrations and other old, never-used user accounts. Blocks annoying e-mail to administrator after every new registration. Full logging and backup of deleted data.
30Very Simple Event ListMaintains events and their display in listings according to filters.
31WaymarkAdds Markers, Photos, Lines and Shapes to detailed interactive Maps.
32WP Add Mime TypesEnables specified file types to be uploaded to the website. Needed for .gpx files used on some maps.
33WP Mail SMTPEnables use of SMTP and external mail server. Uses the Parish Council Gmail account for all emailling.
34WPFront Scroll TopAllows the visitor to easily scroll back to the top of the page.
35Yoast SEOSearch engine optimiser.

Web map services are provided by Ordnance Survey OpenSpace and OpenStreetMap .

All photos used throughout the website were taken for the project by Staveley resident Robin Barker.

Development of the website is one of the Parish Council’s ongoing projects. Progress on the project can be seen by selecting the Parish Council Website project page.