Coronavirus and Self Isolating

North Yorkshire Buy Local helps you find businesses and tradespeople open for business during the COVID-19 restrictions.

We have contacted every household in Staveley in order to set up a buddy scheme for the village for those needing to self isolate. All households in Copgrove have also been contacted to identify who may need assistance.

Many households will be required to self isolate in the weeks ahead. The government has indicated that each household should be treated as a unit, i.e. when one occupant needs to isolate it is more effective if all occupants do the same.

The Buddy Scheme partners households who may need assistance with those who are able and willing to provide help. The situation is subject to frequent change with more households going in to self isolation and some coming out. We are monitoring the situation daily.

Many thanks to all those who have contacted us to date to let us know your situation. Please let us know if there is any change. If you have not contacted us following the recent email or leaflet drop, please do let us know your situation:

  • Are you in the ‘at risk group’ or currently self isolating and want to be part of the buddy scheme to receive assistance as required,
  • Are you able and willing to help with the scheme by being a buddy, or
  • Have made your own arrangements and do not require a buddy at this stage.

Please let us know your address, landline telephone number and email address if you have one. We will keep in contact with you.

Our contact details for the Buddy Scheme are:

Telephone: 01423 340650 (Helen North)

If you are in the ‘at risk’ group or currently self isolating we will partner you with a buddy to help as and when you need it. If you are an able and willing buddy we will either partner you with a household needing assistance now OR keep you in reserve for as and when the situation changes.

The table below shows the current Staveley scheme statistics.

% of Households
Residents/Households Contacted
Buddies able to help5931.55%
Buddies seeking assistance3518.72%
Linking with a Buddy Advisable147.49%
Made Own Arrangements4624.60%
Total Responses15482.35%
No Response3317.65%

Information on what Harrogate Borough Council are doing is available here and what North Yorkshire County Council are doing is available here . The latest NHS advice is available here

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