Self Isolating

We are contacting every household in order to set up a buddy scheme for the village. It is likely that some households will be required to “self isolate’ in the weeks ahead. The government has indicated that each household should be treated as a unit, i.e. when one occupant needs to isolate it is more effective if all occupants do the same.

To make this challenging compliance more manageable, in Staveley we could work together and have a plan to help anyone who might need assistance.

To prepare for this scheme, please could you email or telephone me stating your home address, a telephone number and/or email, and confirm whether you are likely to be in:

  • The ‘at risk group’ and want to be part of the buddy scheme to receive assistance,
  • Willing to help with the scheme by being a buddy, or
  • Have made your own arrangements and do not require a buddy at this stage.

We all know one thing about this situation and that is that it is changing hourly, if we have a clear communication link to every household in the community then hopefully we will be best placed to adapt as the goalposts move. In addition to the allocation of buddies there will be a central contact phone number and email so that when anyone’s situation changes plans can be amended.

or telephone 01423 340 650.
Helen North

All Saint’s Church, Staveley is also offering Pastoral Support and assistance in doing shopping (and hopefully collecting prescriptions if we can arrange that with the Surgery). Revd Claire has issued the leaflet below.

All Saint's Church leaflet about coronavirus help.

The Church will be looking to find volunteers to do shopping which would be complimentary to the Parish Council initiative and the intention is to pool volunteers to deal with demand and have a coordinated response.

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