Traffic Volume and Speed Through Staveley and Copgrove

On 26th November 2019 Cllr Windass (North Yorkshire County Council) received a response from Area 6 (NYCC Highways) addressing the issues we raised based on the speed surveys the PC undertook at a cost in September 2019.

In summary the two pertinent points were:

  • “In light of your enquiry, I have looked at the accident statistics on Minskip Road, Staveley for the last 5 years which indicate that there have been no incidents which are attributable to vehicle speeds. Given the absence of an established accident record in the area I do not believe that the application of the assessment formula to any traffic calming scheme to reduce vehicle speeds in the area would result in a score which warranted the provision of funding.”
  • “The speed survey results have shown that speed enforcement is required, however the Police have not enforced any 20 mph limits in the Harrogate area, so I shall take this up with my contact in the Traffic Police, and get a written response about it from them.”

To date nothing further has been received from Area 6, the police or any other authority.

On 23rd June 2020 the North Yorkshire Police Fire and Crime Commissioner announced the existence of the AJ1 Project Road Safety Fund. This fund is aimed at projects that would make a difference to residents and road users in the community.

“Projects will be asked to focus on improving road safety for children and young people, cyclists, motorcyclists and older road users with bids invited from Councils and other community groups. One-off grants of up to £20,000 can be applied for and bids which include matched funding from other sources will be eligible to receive an additional 10 per cent on top of the amount requested.“

As it is clear that no further assistance will be forthcoming from Area 6, the police or any other authority until our accident statistics are altered, seemingly by the sacrifice of some unfortunate individual, the issue of excessive speeding and high vehicle volumes will need to be addressed in some other way.

The Parish Council propose submitting a bid based on the use of road furniture (possibly planters, pedestrian islands), markings painted on the road (these have been proven to encourage speed reduction) and speed cameras. Anyone with ideas, pertinent examples or practical experience in this area please get in touch with us. Applications must be submitted by 31st August 2020.

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  1. I am amazed at the speed some vehicles travel on Wath Lane particularly in the narrow bend by Copgrove church. To turn right into Copgrove from Staveley direction is particularly hazardous as it is almost impossible to see approaching traffic from Burton Leonard direction, add to this that a lot of drivers think you can turn into Copgrove on either side of the traffic island, so you can be turning right going to the left of the island and a vehicle can turn in on the right of the island alongside you into what is really a single vehicle road. There really needs to be a keep left sign on the island.

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