Update on Flooding Along Arkendale Road

Over a number of years there have been periodic floods across Arkendale Road and in the immediate vicinity of the Jubilee Recreation Field ( JRF). This last winter (2019/20) the flood levels were severe and caused the road to be impassable, damage to the JRF and homes to be put at risk.

We have spent a considerable amount of time trying to establish which authority are best placed to suggest solutions and identify responsible parties.

It is clear that Swale and Ure Drainage Board (SUDB) have overall responsibility for the supervision and effectiveness of the watercourses in the area and receive a payment from the neighbouring landowners some of whom may be responsible for some maintenance. In addition any works undertaken to the watercourses, other than general maintenance, would need prior consent from SUDB. However, to date the SUDB have not been willing to assist in any way other than to offer to introduce the Parish Council to their contractor.

Due to the fact that the flooding causes issues on the highway we are now in contact with Cllr R Windass from NYCC and hope to see some sort of progress towards a solution before too long.

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