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As you may be aware, Staveley and Copgrove benefit from having an active Parish Council rather than as with some other villages nearby, only a Parish Meeting or village committee. Your PC is here to represent you and your interests, however unless we hear from you from time to time the only voice that will be heard is that of the Council members.

Please let us know if you have any opinion in relation to planning applications, currently there is another application by Abacus which, in the PC’s opinion, could lead to further increases in traffic through the village.

  • Do you support the growth of the light industrial estate or are you concerned about the volume of traffic it generates?
  • Is local employment high on your agenda and if so what do you consider local?
  • Have you noticed any benefit now Hymas has relocated or do you feel their financial contribution to the area will be missed?

We provide a play area in Staveley (known as the Jubilee Recreation Field):

  • Do you and your family use it?
  • What do you like/dislike about it?
  • Would you be willing to help grub out the old hedge and infill with new plants this autumn?
  • Could more be made of the space? Is anyone interested in running some activities there (current covid19 restrictions aside)?

The benches around the villages are due for a refurbishment, are they in the right locations, do you use them, do we need any more? Once the building work reduces there will be a new bench outside Barley Court on Arkendale Road and the developers are also donating a new bench for the Jubilee Recreation Field.

We would also like to know of anyone in Staveley who would be interested in an allotment plot in the village. We currently have only two plots in the village, both of which are let, but there is anecdotal evidence of further demand for plots and some residents are known to have taken plots in surrounding areas. If we can establish and quantify demand from within the village, we can investigate the potential to meet it.

Please keep in touch!

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